ISH: An Overview
Imen Shabake Hooshmand(ISH)
Imen Shabake Hooshmand  (ISH) was established in 2008 and started its activities as a professional company in the field of information technology focusing on the network, CCTV and security systems, antivirus and smart systems (BMS). During its activity, ISH has benefitted from a well-trained management and expert panel to implement several projects in both public and private sectors of Iranian industries. ISH believes that it has to play the role of a trustful advisor for the customers prior to any operational services so that the customer can rely on the knowledge and experience of ISH experts because ISH can facilitates the decision-making for the managers and the owners of different industries. This is why ISH always emphasize on the customer-orientation, after-sale services, and economic prices as the key goals for meeting the customer satisfaction.

درباره ما

شرکت ایمن شبکه هوشمند  با بیش از یک دهه  تجربه در پروژه هاي زیرساخت شبکه های کامپیوتری و مخابراتی و تجهیزات امنیتی مداربسته مبتنی بر شبکه  با داشتن پرسنلي مجرب آمادگي خود را جهت مشاوره، طراحي و اجرا اعلام مي دارد.

عضویت در باشگاه ما

برای اطلاع از آخرین خبرها و اطلاعات شماره تلفن خود را وارد نمایید.

تماس با ما

تهران ، میدان توحید ، خیابان امیرلو (گلبار) ، کوچه محمدی ، پلاک 4

(021) 66904541